This app is your guide to everything the Performing Arts Canada Super App has to offer, it includes:

• Pacific Contact

• OSAC Showcase

• Alberta Showcase

• Manitoba Showcase

• Ontario Contact

• Contact East


The app may request permission to:

+ access the personal calendar on your device (to add or remove events)

+ post on your behalf to well-known social media services (such as Facebook or Twitter)

+ access your contact list (to send emails)

+ access to your device's location information (to get directions to a specific location)

+ access your devices's camera, and your phone’s images (to take/send images)

+ send Push Notifications to your device

If you do not grant the app permission to access for the above, the app will still work but will not be able to add events to a calendar, post to social media, send emails, find directions, take/send images or receive push notifications."